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Free Local Listing Policy
A legitimate local company with either a storefront (brick and mortar) or a home business or practice may have one complete listing in one category, in one directory of your choice, to include a maximum of twenty-eight (28) words in the descriptive line for the price of a basic listing. All listings are subject to the editor's review and can be rejected without explanation. Any additional listings in related categories and additional description require monthly fees. For information about advertising costs go to:

Due to overwhelming demand there will be a one time submission fee charged in amount of $25.

The CitiDexLI, Inc. Privacy Policy
CitiDexLI, Inc. earns income from the sale of online classified advertising, website design, website hosting and search engine marketing. We are not in the business of selling information about our users and we value our users' privacy.

What policies does CitiDexLI, Inc. have to protect the privacy of its user?
  • We do not require registration to use our site.
  • We only collect the referring URL which is provided to us automatically by our host. We use this only to track our unique visitors from a particular referring URL. Information about the individual referring URL is not shared with anyone
  • We do not share information with outside parties.
CitiDexLI, Inc. only requires your contact information and e-mail for verification of firm additions and listing changes.
We will not sell or share your e-mail address, nor will we use the address to send you unsolicited messages from
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